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Actions Icons - Tango Desktop Project

The Tango Desktop Project developed a set of free and useful computer icons. This page has the actions icons, with links to Windows ICO files and SVG files.

Icon ICO File
Address Book New Icon Address Book New Icon File
Appointment New Icon Appointment New Icon File
Bookmark New Icon Bookmark New Icon File
Contact New Icon Contact New Icon File
Document New Icon Document New Icon File
Document Open Icon Document Open Icon File
Document Print Preview Icon Document Print Preview Icon File
Document Print Icon Document Print Icon File
Document Properties Icon Document Properties Icon File
Document Save As Icon Document Save As Icon File
Document Save Icon Document Save Icon File
Edit Clear Icon Edit Clear Icon File
Edit Copy Icon Edit Copy Icon File
Edit Cut Icon Edit Cut Icon File
Edit Delete Icon Edit Delete Icon File
Edit Find Replace Icon Edit Find Replace Icon File
Edit Find Icon Edit Find Icon File
Edit Paste Icon Edit Paste Icon File
Edit Redo Icon Edit Redo Icon File
Edit Select All Icon Edit Select All Icon File
Edit Undo Icon Edit Undo Icon File
Folder New Icon Folder New Icon File
Format Indent Less Icon Format Indent Less Icon File
Format Indent More Icon Format Indent More Icon File
Format Justify Center Icon Format Justify Center Icon File
Format Justify Fill Icon Format Justify Fill Icon File
Format Justify Left Icon Format Justify Left Icon File
Format Justify Right Icon Format Justify Right Icon File
Format Text Bold Icon Format Text Bold Icon File
Format Text Italic Icon Format Text Italic Icon File
Format Text Strikethrough Icon Format Text Strikethrough Icon File
Format Text Underline Icon Format Text Underline Icon File
Go Bottom Icon Go Bottom Icon File
Go Down Icon Go Down Icon File
Go First Icon Go First Icon File
Go Home Icon Go Home Icon File
Go Jump Icon Go Jump Icon File
Go Last Icon Go Last Icon File
Go Next Icon Go Next Icon File
Go Previous Icon Go Previous Icon File
Go Top Icon Go Top Icon File
Go Up Icon Go Up Icon File
List Add Icon List Add Icon File
List Remove Icon List Remove Icon File
Mail Forward Icon Mail Forward Icon File
Mail Mark Junk Icon Mail Mark Junk Icon File
Mail Mark Not Junk Icon Mail Mark Not Junk Icon File
Mail Message New Icon Mail Message New Icon File
Mail Reply All Icon Mail Reply All Icon File
Mail Reply Sender Icon Mail Reply Sender Icon File
Mail Send Receive Icon Mail Send Receive Icon File
Media Eject Icon Media Eject Icon File
Media Playback Pause Icon Media Playback Pause Icon File
Media Playback Start Icon Media Playback Start Icon File
Media Playback Stop Icon Media Playback Stop Icon File
Media Record Icon Media Record Icon File
Media Seek Backward Icon Media Seek Backward Icon File
Media Seek Forward Icon Media Seek Forward Icon File
Media Skip Backward Icon Media Skip Backward Icon File
Media Skip Forward Icon Media Skip Forward Icon File
Process Stop Icon Process Stop Icon File
System Lock Screen Icon System Lock Screen Icon File
System Log Out Icon System Log Out Icon File
System Search Icon System Search Icon File
System Shutdown Icon System Shutdown Icon File
Tab New Icon Tab New Icon File
View Fullscreen Icon View Fullscreen Icon File
View Refresh Icon View Refresh Icon File
Window New Icon Window New Icon File

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