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  • Any paid-for application software, including mobile apps, will not contain advertisements. Free software and apps may run adverts.

Data Privacy

No personal data is collected. This includes this website and any application software, mobile apps or code provided, including apps published on Google Play. Tek Eye does not store any personal data in cookies. Contact details may be required in order to provide support for products and services. Such contact data is not stored on web-facing systems. This website does not use any cookies other than those discussed under Advertisements. Contact data is only used internally for support purposes. Contact details or any other data collected is never given, hired or sold to third parties. All collected data is securely stored. All collected data will be deleted if it is no longer required.


For a commercial licence for any software, a support contract or bespoke application development contact Dan.

Physical Goods

Please inspect the goods on receiving them and if they are damaged notify the delivery agent. Do not use the damaged item. Send the item back with a description of the damage. We will handle all communication with the delivery company and issue you a refund (including return postage). Alternatively send an email to Dan at Tek Eye to discuss any problems.

Changing Your Mind

Contact Dan at Tek Eye if you have any questions:

  • If your product is brand new, unused and the box is unopened send it back for a refund.
  • Send an email to get help with arranging a collection.
  • If you have used an item there will be a fee to return it, send an email to discuss the return.
  • Refunding for mobile apps is covered by Google Play procedures.
  • Cancelling orders placed, but not shipped, may be possible, again send an email for further details.
  • Use email for any questions with regard to digitally downloaded purchases.

The Android Robot Image

The Android Robot Image

The Android Robot and variations of it may appear on pages, images and software on this website. The image is reproduced from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. See that license and Android Brand Guidelines for more information.

Submission of Guest Posts

To get content published on Tek Eye it must meet a list of conditions. These are laid out in the Guest Posts page.

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