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List of Windows Forms Controls in C Sharp

There are two major User Interface (UI) technologies for Windows apps, the pure code Windows Forms (WinForms), and the XML and code based Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). WinForms is the longer established UI programming model for .NET apps. WinForms is still very popular because of its maturity, ease of use, lower learning curve, established code base and simpler programming. A WinForms UI may not be as visually striking as an app with a WPF UI, however, many programmers find WinForms apps are quicker to build, easy to debug, and easier to maintain.

The following list of Windows Forms controls programmable in C# has over 60 entries. These WinForms controls are available in Visual Studio to build Windows PC apps. The controls are also usable from Visual Basic. Play with all the controls from the Toolbox in Visual Studio to learn about the rich UI and the UI functionality that a WinForms app can have. Here is a list of the .NET WinForms controls, many of the controls have user interface elements, other controls operate behind the scenes for the WinForm to provide functionality in support of the app's UI:

Name Summary
BackgroundWorker Executes code on a separate thread (can raise events to update the UI)
BindingNavigator Provides a user interface for navigation and manipulation of data bound to controls on a form
BindingSource Encapsulates a data source for a form and provides navigation, filtering, sorting and updating
Button A button that can raise an event
Chart Adds a data chart
Checkbox Set or clear an option
CheckedListBox List of items with a check box to each item's left
ColorDialog Display and select colors
ComboBox Editable text box with a drop-down list of options
ContextMenuStrip Add a context (normally right-click) menu to a control
DataGridView Customisable display of data in rows and columns
DataSet Store data in memory, a data cache
DateTimePicker Display and select dates and times
DirectoryEntry An Active Directory (AD) object
DirectorySearcher Query Active Directory
DomainUpDown Use up down arrows to select from list of items
ElementHost Add a WPF control to a WinForm
ErrorProvider Used to indicate errors with the input of a control
EventLog Interact with Windows Event logs
FileSystemWatcher Monitor directories and files for changes
FlowLayoutPanel Automatically handle controls layout as a flow
FolderBrowserDialog Folder selection UI
FontDialog Allows a choice of font(s) from those installed on the machine
GroupBox Frame and caption a set of other controls
HelpProvider Provides access to pop-up or online help
HScrollBar Scroll container content horizontally, not needed if autoscroll enabled
ImageList Manages images used by other controls, such as ListView, TreeView and ToolStrip
Label Display text
LinkLabel A label that supports hyperlinking
ListBox Provides a selectable list of items
ListView Displays collections of items in five different types of views
MaskedTextBox Limits text input to a specified format
MenuStrip Provides menu functionality for a form
MessageQueue Allows access to a Message Queue services
MonthCalendar Calendar display and date selection
NotifyIcon Allows an app to display a Windows notifcation icon
NumericUpDown Increase and decrease a value with up and down arrows
OpenFileDialog Provides a file selection dialog
PageSetupDialog Provide a dialog for changing page settings for printing
Panel Groups controls together
PerformanceCounter Add a Windows performance counter to an app to monitor different system performance aspects
PictureBox A control for displaying an image
PrintDialog Display a printer dialog and print options
PrintDocument An object for controlling document printing
PrintPreviewControl A control to display a document print preview image
PrintPreviewDialog A dialog to display a print preview, includes a PrintPreviewControl
Process Local and remote process control
ProgressBar A bar gauge used to indicate progress through a task
PropertyGrid A grid to display object properties
RadioButton Select a single option from several options, use a RadioButton for each option
RichTextBox A text editing control in the Rich Text Format
SaveFileDialog A dialog for selecting a save file location
SerialPort Provides control over a system serial port
ServiceController Query and control Windows services
SplitContainer A split container with resizable areas that can be changed in size by dragging a splitter bar
Splitter A bar to divide a container into two areas that can be resized
StatusStrip Add a status panel supporting different types of information that be a updated as controls and program state changes
TabControl Add a tabbed layout
TableLayoutPanel Automatically layout controls in table format
TextBox A control to enter text input, supports single or multiline input
Timer Raise an event at regular intervals
ToolStrip Provides a strip for toolbars and other option controls
ToolStripContainer Provides support for tool strips, menus and status strips on the edges of WinForms
ToolTip Provides a helpful prompt when a user moves a mouse pointer over a control
TrackBar Select a range of values by dragging along a bar
TreeView Displays a multilevel list with list items that can have an image associated with them
VScrollBar Scroll container content vertically, not needed if autoscroll enabled
WebBrowser Provides a web browser control

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