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The Poker Journey Never Ends

I occasionally like to have a game of cards. Card games have been around for hundreds of years, since paper itself was invented. Even before paper our ancestors have played all sorts of games. Games have been an important way for humans to relax and socialise. I've been playing cards since childhood and my favourite game is Poker. I enjoy Poker as a game for two main reasons, firstly the mathematics behind it is interesting, and secondly it is a challenging competition against other players. It can also be a cheap pastime, or even profitable, if you develop enough skill. I regard it as one of my hobbies, though a minor one. Poker is a game with much variety, there is a medley of formats that exist so it never gets boring.

In order to develop skill at Poker and hence reduce the influence of luck on the outcomes you need to embark on a journey of knowledge. Poker has many variations, strategies, terms, customs and fashions. Learn as much as you can and keep learning, it makes the game enjoyable and profitable. So I'm on a Poker journey and as I cast my eye over its vast knowledge base. However, as with most skills, and playing Poker is a skill, you can never learn enough. It is a never ending journey.

Before the advent of radio, cinema and television having a game of cards was a very popular social event. As such it has been captured in art and other media many times. Here is an example:

Cheat with the Ace of Clubs

The Cheat with the Ace of Clubs - Georges de La Tour - c. 1630-1634

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