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Time to Change – Rethinking Your IT Budget Spend

Most organisations (and people) develop habitual procedures. Doing the same thing week in a week out over many months and years. They find ways of working that are good for their business. The processes employed do not change for many months or even years, yet the world in which they work does change, constantly. Companies see market share fall but are still providing the same products and services as before. Rightly they look at the market to try and see how it has changed and how they can adapt to that change. Looking externally is important when assessing marketplace performance, but so to is reviewing internal pocedures. Many businesses rely on their Information Technology (IT) systems for day-to-day running of their processes. How many businesses review their overall IT systems and compare them with the latest practices.

Computer Services and Energy Bills to High? Think Differently.

In businesses, from the smallest to the largest, it is common to use the client and server model for IT. Businesses have dedicated server rooms with stacks of old servers and workers at desks with old PCs. The workers have to work at their desks, the software has to be run on the PCs, the data has to be stored in the server room. The equipment has high running costs in terms of hardware maintenance, software maintenance and power consumption. The heat generated from the equipment means that air conditioning is needed to keep the buildings at a comfortable temperature. It does not need to be that way.

The next time your company looks at its budgets for IT and energy consumption instead of just accepting yet again another percentage increase on the previous year, pause and rethink. Taking time to review how the company's processes work may lead to great savings over the next few years. Talk to the users of the systems, they often have suggestions that can save time and money.

Does the company need a server room?

Much of the software a company uses in its day-to-day business can be replaced by Internet based solutions. No need for racks of old servers, free up floor space, reduce energy consumption, reduce hardware and software maintenance. Even if some servers are still required replace them with small, low energy units that can fit in a small cupboard next to the support staff. If done correctly moving to a Cloud based computing model can cut a company's running costs.

Does the company need static personel?

Mobilize the workforce, replace the PCs with laptops, tablets or smartphones. Let them work from a home office. Reduce the number of desks required, reduce the amount of office space required, reduce power consumption. There are companies that have entire workforces based from home so only need small administrative offices. People can still work face to face with video conferencing. There are many executives and employees in company's worldwide that do not use, or need, an office computer. Managing their working weeks entirely from their smartphone. A mobile workforce is not suitable for every business, but many can swap the rigid PC on a desk working method for a lower cost and more flexible alternative.

Is the company still using paper processes?

There is no need for paper based processes in any organisation. Hand held devices, smartphones and tablets can replace any paper form. Is your company still printing and filing? Reduce the printers and copiers in use and associated running costs. Get rid of the filing cabinets. Automate and improve worker efficiency.

Time to Change

Is your company feelling a bit ill? Many are, with the way the world economies have performed over the last few years. The ones that stay strong are the ones that review the way they work and look for ways to improve their working practices. It need not cost a fortune either. Changes can be revolutionary or evolutionary, a big bang approach may be needed in some organisations but often small incremental changes that can be easily funded are the way to go. If you want somebody to work with you to change your IT mindset find someone to help, get in contact – dan@tekeye.uk.

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