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How to Increase Your SEO Score to Maximum, Making Minimum Efforts

Have you wondered how to make your website more noticeable, but never went further than the SEO Wikipedia page? Then you've chosen just the right article to land on. I bet there are lots of talented and fabulous bloggers who are struggling with Google search engines every day without getting any result. Maybe they are just not doing something right... or they just don't know how to do it. There are thousands of posts promising you to reveal the secret on how to actually increase your SEO score, but most of those methods require lots of your time and nerves. On the other hand, the methods which will be introduced to you now, require less effort than you think.


Newbie Intro

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a variety of methods with one aim, to drag Google's, and all the other search engines, attention to your website. The more SEO-friendly your blog is, the higher the chance for it to appear on the first Google results page. Thus you get more traffic, which means more: potential customers, permanent subscribers and buyers. Plus your site could go viral in a matter of minutes and become a sensation. If Google thinks you are relevant and popular, then others will think that as well.

Social Media is the New Black

Most of the people underestimate the power of social media sharing... I guess we will never see their blogs in top 10 successful blogging websites, because there is no other way to get to know about their websites except for social networks such as Facebook and others. Let's say you posted something on your blog and a few people got to know about it. Then you shared it on your Twitter account and - bam - 10 more people shared it further. Thus, more and more potential subscribers came across your blog. So, go on, create accounts on every possible social network, find all the groups and pages, at least somehow connected to the topics you write about and share, share, share. After that check how your traffic changes, then pass these SEO tips on.

Plus the social media world doesn't end on Facebook or Twitter. What about spreading the news on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, or Flipboard? There are lots of options to tell the world about your work if you search for it.

Guest Posting and How to Reach It

Plenty of heated discussions revolve around the guest posting topic. Some say it can turn into a pain for SEO, others almost worship it and look for any chance to submit an article or two. Well, I will be honest, it is helpful, but you have to know the rules to play the game. First of all know your target audience. Who are your readers? What do they seek? After you made up your mind on that, start looking for websites with the same or related topics that you cover on your blog, keeping in mind the website ranking (no need to reach out to less popular sources). When searching for websites that accept quest posts try different word combinations to match your keywords for more hits, including "submit a guest post", "write for us", "guest post by", etc. Be creative in your search, and you would be surprised with what is found. Here is a resource that may come in handy, providing you with a list of 300+ Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts & Contributions. However, more sites are out there ready to be revealed by you, whether a new blogger, business startup or moving a business online, including here on Tek Eye. And don't forget why you guest post, to include links to your other quality content. Guest posting is marketing.

Post and Update, Update and Post

This article sounds like blindingly obvious advice: giving a blogger advice to post articles and share to social media. Though, the secret lies in quantity with quality. Statistics claim that people who post more than 20 times per month, receive 5 times more traffic than the bloggers who post rarely. Impressive isn't it? If you just stay focused and disciplined, and are able to create quality and interactive content, let's say every 2 days, you may almost drag people to your website. Plus, if your site has a niche specialization and you cannot share that much, go for updating. Did you know that updating your older posts can increase the number of visits by at least 2 times? It only takes a short time to revise the material posted formerly, bring in some up to date info, check the links you refer to, and promote it via social media channels.

Plugins for CMSs

The old web proverb says: there are plugins for everything; if you can't find the one for your purpose, you've not searched thoroughly, try changing the search terms. Indeed for a Content Management Systems (CMS), there are multiple plugins, extensions, and modules designed to give you a hand in the SEO struggle. For example, if you run your website on WordPress (the World's most used CMS), you may, read must, install Yoast SEO plugin. It is made to make your life easier, and SEO score higher. Yoast uses a traffic light scale as a basis for your SEO score ranking. There are three colors to show the chances you have to appear higher up the search results: green, yellow and red. Can you guess what each of them stands for? If you get a green light, it means that Google sees your post as more relevant, and evaluates your content correctly. If your color is red, you need to improve the post quality, practice more on keywords optimization, as well as change the snippet preview text. And finally the yellow color puts you somewhere in the middle of the fight for SEO, i.e. the article is almost there, neither good nor bad, but a few more content fixes are needed. Some more useful SEO plugins are listed here to give you even more options.

Move House to a New CMS?

You may do everything according to the advice described above, yet still come last in the search results races. This may be because of how your CMS works. There are plenty of platforms, and it's no secret that some of them are less SEO-friendly than the others. A website powered by WordPress, for instance, is more likely to end up in Google's favorites list. Because WordPress is SEO-friendly by default. Plus, again, an enormous number of plugins come in handy as well. It is not a case of a CMS being good or bad, but there are ones better than others. So, consider changing your current platform as one of the options for getting a higher SEO score. Moreover, when moving save all the SEO data you believe is valuable with the power of the 301 redirect and transfer the metadata, piece by piece. Don't be afraid to conquer every part of the SEO skillset.

Bottom Line

I hope all the tips in this article will be just the ones you need to become a successful website owner. Don't hesitate to use each of them; you have nothing to lose. Every action is worth trying if you genuinely believe in what you are doing. Keep your SEO score high, and the number of your low ranking posts low.

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