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How to Convert WordPress Website into Android App?

You can easily convert your already existing WordPress (WP) site to a mobile app, be it Android or Apple, with the aid of a plugin by following simple steps. This way, you do not need to have the burden of creating an app from scratch, and all the data in your WordPress website can be accessed in the app by the customer. A WordPress development company ensures the natural conversion of a WordPress website to an Android app.

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The Benefit of Converting your WordPress Website into an Application

In today’s contemporary world, the Internet is an indispensable part of our daily lives. So, whether you want to promote a brand or market your products, a website makes it easier for people to browse through and understand the potential of your company. However, users are familiar with using mobile applications, which can be easier to use on their devices. The cost of building an app has reduced considerably. An Android app development company keeps in mind the following advantages of using an app over a website when creating an app.

  • Mobile apps can have a faster loading speed, whereas a WordPress website with substantial traffic might lead to the site not responding at times.
  • Mobile apps help maintain a steady relationship with customers, thereby creating a strong customer base. Since mobile phones are portable, it ensures that your customer can view your app whenever he feels like. This increases user engagement.
  • An app generates push notifications which remind customers to browse through the app regularly, thereby leading to the growth of the brand.
  • The user experience can be improved by integrating several features and smartphone functions into your application such as touch ID, camera use and so on.

Process of Converting your WordPress Website

The first thing that you need to ensure for WordPress mobile app development is that your WordPress site is mobile optimized. This is an easier task when you use WordPress themes that are mobile responsive. You can have a specific idea for each operating system depending upon the device that your user owns. This can be enabled by utilizing mobile theme switchers.

If you have coding knowledge and are up to date with software technology, then Adobe PhoneGap can be a good option for WordPress Android app development. You have to install the PC version of Adobe PhoneGap on your computer, and then you need to create the app using your coding skills. It provides the benefit of customising your icons. Once created, you need to test your app on an Android device through the PhoneGap Developer App. Here you are provided with the option of making the necessary changes, fixing and rebuilding your app till you are satisfied with the result.

There are a lot of plugins available by which you can convert your WP website into the mobile app. You can choose the best option available according to your needs. For example, Appmaker WP is one plugin which can be used to convert your website, entering your website’s URL and selecting a suitable name and icon for the application. It has a simple user interface by which users can themselves convert their WordPress website to an Android app without any professional help.

Features provided by Appmaker

Appmaker has several features as an Android app development tool:

  • Admins can use a CMS easily.
  • The apps built are 100 per cent original.
  • Videos and images can be added as required.
  • Provides support for innumerable articles.
  • WordPress templates and themes are available for use which can be customized by the user.
  • The WordPress layouts can be easily customized.
  • Offline reading mode is available.
  • Appmaker provides multi-language support.
  • Sends customized push notifications.
  • It provides option for email as well as live chat.
  • Appmaker allows a user to insert multiple in-app pages and monitor them.
  • The app can be uploaded to PlayStore and AppStore.

Why should you choose Appmaker?

Appmaker is a WordPress app builder that has Wordpress as an integral part of its features since its inception. It provides a solution for each app making problem that you come up with. It is regularly updated to integrate new features. Non-technical users can build the app on their own with assistance from the team. Also, if someone does not want to build an app on their own, Appmaker does it for you according to your requirements.

Apps built for blogging or commercial purposes through Appmaker provide high functionality and speed. Appmaker builds authentic native apps that ensure maximum return. Any data added to the WordPress website such as any post or image or any other information is immediately added to the app without any much effort.

Appmaker excels at WordPress app integration and builds high performance apps at affordable rates. You can choose from their different cost-effective plans according to your need to convert a WordPress website to an Android app.

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