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Maplin Pro BlueTrace Mouse Review (6 Button Wireless)

At Tek Eye the mouse of choice has been the Maplin Cerulian 5 Button Mouse, sadly no longer available. However, the wireless version of the Cerulian 5 Button Mouse has replaced the previous Maplin Pro Wireless BlueTrace Mouse (which used to be a different model). On the Maplin website this Pro BlueTrace Mouse is listed as the Maplin Pro BlueTrace 6 Button USB Wireless Mouse (though it only has 5 normal mouse buttons). The instruction sheet calls it the 2.4GHz Deluxe BlueTrace Mouse w/Nano Receiver.

Maplin Pro BlueTrace Mouse

A Great Low Cost Mouse

Most of the previous review for the Maplin Cerulian 5 Button Mouse applies to this Pro BlueTrace Mouse. It is essentially the same mouse. This wireless model has the added advantage of being heavier because of the 2xAA batteries it uses. This is great because the Cerulian Mouse suffered from being too light. The lack of a wire is another bonus, though a wired mouse will never run out of juice. This wireless mouse supports 1000 and 1600 Dots per Inch (DPI) compared to 800, 1200 and 1600 DPI for previous wired version. With the high density and high DPI screens of today a high DPI mouse is required. The 1000 DPI setting is fine for everyday use, with a quick swap to 1600 DPI when a little more precision is required.

Although listed as a six button mouse the normal mouse buttons present are:

  • Left click.
  • Right click.
  • Centre click using the scroll wheel.
  • Browser forward.
  • Browser back.

This is five buttons. A sixth button is inline with the scroll wheel and used to change the DPI setting, toggling between the 1000 and 1600 DPI modes. This button also has a red LED light to provide feedback:

  • Briefly on when the mouse is switch to 1600 DPI.
  • Briefly on when the mouse is switched on.
  • Briefly flashing if pairing is started.
  • Flashes ten times when the mouse is switched on and the battery is running low.

There is a seventh recessed button on the base that can be pressed (e.g. with a pen top) if the mouse needs to be paired with its receiver. The base also has an on/off switch to save power if the mouse is not going to be used for a while.

(So although listed as a six button mouse, it has five normal mouse buttons, one DPI button and one pairing button, seven buttons in total!)

Driveless Mice Helps Avoid Software Bloat

This mouse requires no software to be installed. There is no disk and no Windows driver required. Helping to reduce the software clutter on a PC and making installation a breeze. Just plug the receiver into a free USB port, put the batteries in the base and switch it on.

Not for the Left-Handed

The mouse is configured and shaped for right-handed users. It could be used left handed but the shape isn't suitable and the Forward and Backward buttons are not located for left hand use.


For the price (£15) there probably isn't a better mouse available. It is large, comfortable, accurate, easy to install and has a good weight. The matt sides help with grip and the gloss top is easy to wipe down and keeps the hand cool. Overall five stars out of five (unless you are left handed).

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