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Call Forwarding Icon Keeps Appearing Android Galaxy Nexus

After a recent trip abroad the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that was being used was turned off from Aeroplane mode. Up popped a notification to say that call forwarding was active, even though it had never been enabled. (The icon is a telephone handset with a arrow pointing outwards.) Despite checking that the call forwarding option Always forward was indeed set to Disabled, and clearing notifications the icon (and notification) refused to go away. This particular phone is on the Three network in the UK. It was a simple solution in the end to fix the call forwarding icon keeps appearing android issue. It was to just dial ##20#. If you want the the full story read on.

Call Forwarding Icon Keeps Appearing Android

Note: This article has been moved to the archive section and is provided for historical information usage only.

Removing the Call Forwarding Notification Icon on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Note, to access the call forwarding settings go to the dial keypad (via the handset icon) access the menu and select Settings then Call forwarding. The Forward when busy, Forward when unanswered and Forward when unreachable settings are configured for the 3 network's voice mail number, 07782333123, i.e. +447782333123. From the mobile phone voice mail is accessed by dialing 123. The phone appeared to be configured correctly but the call forwarding notification would not budge.

This Samsung Galaxy Nexus had failed to upgrade to Android 4.3 with the Over The Air (OTA) update prior to the trip. This needed to be done manually and would reset the phone. Which was planned for after the trip abroad. Following the Return to Stock for all Galaxy Nexus Phones guide on the xdadevelopers forum the Android 4.3 update was completed. (When doing manual system updates remember to back up everything as it will all be lost, music, data, texts, everything). The phone rebooted after the upgrade and pop, the call forwarding notification appeared. This meant it was a network or SIM card problem and not a phone issue.

What if the Call Forwarding Icon Keeps Appearing Android Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Well a web search soon found the solution. It is a Three network issue. To clear the notification when the call forwarding icon keeps appearing Android Galaxy Nexus just dial ##20# and press the handset, as if making a call. A message should appear briefly to say erasure was successful or similar. Very simple solution in the end. If you get this issue let's hope this solution works for you.

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