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lightSlider HTML Image Carousel Demo

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Basic Horizontal Scroller

Use the arrows or dots to scroll the thumbnails:

Image Carousel Demo Download

Download the above basic scrolling carousel demo:scroller_demo.zip. Extract the files to a new empty folder and open (run) the index.html file. See more examples on the lightSlider Examples Page.

Basic Scrolling Image Gallery

As for the basic scroller above use the arrows or dots to scroll the thumbnails, click the required thumbnail image to see a biggger version of the picture. A div and some styling has been used to limit the size of the gallery. See how the code for this gallery is put together in the HTML Scrolling Carousel Image Gallery article:

Image Gallery Scroller Demo Download

Download the above basic scrolling image gallery carousel demo:gallery_demo.zip. Extract the files to a new empty folder and open (run) the index.html file.

The lightSlider library has a built in gallery feature, see the lightSlider demo in the lightSlider download or the lightSlider Examples Page.

Alternative Carousel, Malihu jQuery Thumbnail Scroller

Here is another scrolling carousel, using the jQuery Thumbnail Scroller by Malihu. See the article Thumbnail Scroller by Malihu.

As for the lightSlider carousel the Malihu Scroller can be used for an image gallery:


This example uses the Malihu built in buttons for scrolling using mouse clicks:

Download the Malihu Carousel Examples

A demo for the above Malihu examples is available to download:malihu-demo.zip. Extract the zip file into a empty directory and open (run) the index.html file.

Images for the Image Scroller Carousel Demos

To use some or all of the images from the demos download the gallery_demo.zip file which contains all the images. Alternatively see the table below. Click the link for the full size version of the image (use the browser's back button to return here). Save the full size versions and thumbnail versions into your own folder (use the context menu on an image, normally right-click, and select the option to save the image). All images are free to use and came from WikiMedia Commons.

Images Used for Scoller Demo
Link to ImageThumbnail
breads.jpg Various Breads Thumbnail
oranges.jpg Oranges Thumbnail
butternut_squash.jpg Butternut Squash Thumbnail
carrots.jpg Carrots
chickens_at_market.jpg Chickens At Market Thumbnail
edible_fungi.jpg Edible Fungi Thumbnail
fish_at_market.jpg Fish at Market Thumbnail
flaming_cocktails.jpg Flaming Cocktails Thumbnail
orange_juice.jpg Orange Juice Thumbnail
peaches.jpg Peaches Thumbnail
peppers.jpg Peppers Thumbnail
Pomegranate.jpg Pomegranate Thumbnail
pumpkins.jpg Pumpkins Thumbnail
soft_cheese.jpg Soft Cheese Thumbnail
wine_cheese_bread.jpg Wine, Cheese and Bread Thumbnail